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Drive out doze off When he was young, he dreamed of being a famous football player. Bob dreamed of becoming a rich and successful businessman. do without sth/sb  see also: go without We need our lawyer to draw up a new contract for employees before we hire any new staff. After drawing up the new guidelines, he passed them on to the manager. dream of ✍ We always like to employ a few older people who have lots of experience to draw on when doing their work. She never gets tired. She must have a huge supply of energy to draw upon.

90 The new movie’s style was compared _ _ classic movies from the 1940’s. 91 Compared _ _ _ _ last year’s sales, this year’s sales were quite good. 92 The job consists _ _ serving customers and checking stock. Do you think he can do it? 93 We’ll contract some of the work _ _ _ to other companies. 94 Factors such as good training and hard work contributed _ _ the company’s success. 95 He wanted to leave work early, so he cooked _ _ a story about visiting a sick aunt. 96 If the soup is too hot, blow on it to _ _ _ _ it down.

Get across (be) geared to/ towards sth (be)geared to doing sth The courses in our school are geared to preparing students for the demands of work in the real world. The show is geared towards discovering talented singers. html 49 1000 Phrasal Verbs in Context G g get at get sth back get sth back from sb ✍  ✍ get back at sb  see also: pay back ✍ get back to sth  see also: come back to, return to get back to sb ✍  get by get by on sth ✍  ✍ get by with sth get by without sth  get sb down I can’t talk to Rafael when he’s depressed.

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