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By Chris Stewart

How strange is it, particularly, within the historical past of all identified human adventure, to benefit from the benefits of dwelling free?

The solution might shock you. In The Miracle of Freedom, Chris and Ted Stewart make a powerful case that fewer than five percentage of everyone who've ever lived on this planet have lived less than stipulations that lets think about loose. So the place did freedom come from, and the way are we lucky adequate to event it in our day?

A deeper examine the human list, write the authors, unearths a sequence of serious occasions, noticeable forks within the highway resulting in very diverse results, that led to this awesome interval during which we are living. They determine and speak about seven decisive tipping points:

1. The defeat of the Assyrians of their quest to ruin the dominion of Judah
2. The victory of the Greeks over the Persians at Thermopylae and Salamis
three. Roman Emperor Constantine's conversion to Christianity
four. The defeat of the armies of Islam at Poitiers
five. The failure of the Mongols of their attempt to beat Europe
6. the invention of the hot World
7. The conflict of england in global warfare II

the adventure to freedom has been hundreds of thousands of years lengthy. Now that it has stumbled on its position on this planet, the query for these folks who event its merits is just this: do we paintings to maintain the miracle of freedom that we take pleasure in this present day?

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It is important to understand that, in and of themselves, none of these events created the gift of freedom that we enjoy today. However, each of them proved to be a critical tipping point in which the future of the world was altered, creating the cradle in which the gift of democracy could be born and flourish in our day. ) Simply put, the case that we intend to make is this: • Freedom and democracy are extraordinarily rare events in human history. Indeed, only a tiny fraction of humans have been given the opportunity of living in a free land.

God exempts the man who is constrained,” he said in a quiet voice. The son pressed his lips together. They had all heard the Hebrew saying far too many times before. This wasn’t the first time their people had been forced to denigrate their faith. The father shook his head, then glanced down at the crimson badge his people were forced to wear. The first Jewish ghetto had sprung up in Spain about three hundred years before, but the idea had been embraced until ghettos were common throughout all of Europe now: Madrid, Barcelona, Venice, Rome, and Prague.

No trial. No defense. No appeal. Sentenced to fourteen years of hard labor. Dead of tuberculosis halfway through his sentence. Buried in the Siberian snow. And there were vaults the size of football fields with green folders just like this one. He took another long breath and closed his eyes. Depressing as it was, he felt a shiver of relief. Things were changing. He could feel it. And he was right. The Age of Freedom was finally near. • • • From the most ancient civilizations to modern times, across every continent and culture, from generations and kingdoms lost in the fog of history to the well-documented atrocities of modern day, stories such as those just related represent how most members of the human family have lived.

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