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Lead to go in front to show someone the way She led us into the hall. steer to make a person or vehicle go in a particular direction We steered the children quickly away from the barking dogs. ć She steered the car into the garage. conduct (formal) to take someone to a place The guests were conducted to their seats. fm Page 52 Tuesday, January 20, 2004 1:26 PM 52 habit noun Synonyms: habit, custom, tradition, practice, routine habit something that someone does regularly He has the habit of biting his fingernails.

Encounter (formal) to meet someone or something unexpectedly On the journey we encountered several amusing people. encountered such hospitality anywhere else. fm Page 41 Tuesday, January 20, 2004 1:26 PM 41 follow verb Synonyms: follow, chase, pursue, stalk Antonym: lead Synonyms: follow to come after or behind someone or something What letter follows B in the alphabet? ć The dog followed me all the way home. chase to go after someone in order to try to catch him or her They chased the burglars down the street.

He won an award for bravery. nerve the ability to keep your fear under control in order to achieve something It takes a lot of nerve to disagree with your friends. ć He went over to speak to her but at the last minute he lost his nerve. guts (informal) courage She had the guts to tell the boss he was wrong. g. a knife or scissors The meat is very tough – I can’t cut it with my knife. ć He needs to get his hair cut. ć There were six children, so she cut the cake into six pieces. slice to cut something into thin pieces She stood at the table slicing bread and meat for lunch.

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