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Selection awesome educational name for 2008A Half-Century of Greatness paints a brilliant and dramatic photograph of the inventive considered mid- to past due 19th century Europe and the impression of the unsuccessful revolutions of 1848. It unearths usually unforeseen hyperlinks among novelists, poets, and philosophers from England, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Russia, and Ukraine—especially Dickens, Carlyle, Mill, the Brontës, and George Eliot; Hegel, Strauss, Feuerbach, Marx, Engels, Wagner, and several other German poets; the Hungarian poet Sándor Petöfi; Gogol, Dostoevsky, Bakunin, and Herzen in Russia, and the nice Ukrainian poet Shevchenko. Ewen is going directly to hint the transition from Romanticism to Victorianism, or what he calls “the Victorian compromise”—the ascendancy of the center class.The publication was once reconstructed and edited via Dr. Jeffrey Wollock from Ewen’s ultimate manuscript. It comprises the author's personal reference citations all through, a reconstructed bibliography, and an up-to-date “further analyzing” list.This is Ewen’s final paintings, the long-lost spouse to his Heroic mind's eye. jointly, those books current a landscape of the social, political, and inventive elements of ecu Romanticism, in particular foreshadowing and complementing contemporary paintings at the relation of Marxism to romanticism. an individual attracted to what Lukacs referred to as “Romantic anticapitalism,”; who appreciates such books as Marshall Berman's Adventures in Marxism or E.P. Thompson's The Romantics (1997), will locate Ewen’s paintings a welcome boost.

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Wilhelm’s friend Werner, the thoroughgoing Philistine, and a bourgeois merchant, adjures him to turn to a settled career. But he scoffs at the idea: “Was hilft es mir,” he asks, gutes Eisen zu fabrizieren, wenn mein eigenes inneres voller Schlacken ist? und was ein Landgut in Ordnung bringe, wenn ich mit mir selber uneins bin? Of what use is it for me to manufacture iron, when my inner self is full of slag? 6 He is horrified at being treated by his friend as if he were a piece of merchandise. You cannot of course deny your character ...

6 Bentham was very much the offspring of the British and French Enlightenment; he was the heir of Locke and Hume and of the French philosophes of the eighteenth century. In many ways he was a kind of philosophe himself, thrust into a century of revolutionary upheaval and compelled to adapt his thinking to a new world of realities. He brought the tested weapons of the Enlightenment: a staunch belief in reason, common sense, experience, and fact. What could be more agreeable and welcome to the middle classes than the ethic of “enlightened selfishness”?

5 2. “Utility” and “Happiness” There may be a strong presumption that any aristocracy monopolizing the powers of government would not possess intellectual power in any very high perfection. Intellectual powers are the offspring of labor, but a hereditary aristocracy are deprived of the strongest motives to labor. The great part of them, will therefore, be defective in those mental powers. —James Mill, “Essay on Government” 1814 The season of fictions is over. ” They were to become among the most formidable allies of the traditional party of “Whigs,” who considered themselves the heirs of the “bloodless” Revolution of 1688, and drew a great measure of their support from the nonconformist religious sects, as well as the commercial and manufacturing segments of society.

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