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By Michael G. Munz

Northgate is in turmoil. Decaying, violent and corrupt, it's a universal sufficient urban within the mid twenty-first century, but discoveries underneath the Moon's floor have marked it with their first far away echoes.

Into Northgate has come Michael Flynn. Jobless and all the way down to his previous few funds, Michael nonetheless goals of constructing a good distinction of his personal. but he has no relatives, no neighbors keep for the freelancer recognized basically as Diomedes, and this night the residence they percentage will burn to the ground.

When Diomedes turns into his mentor in a look for the arsonist dependable, Michael will get his probability to gain these goals. yet he needs to face risks way more own than hearth if he is to prevail, for like a shadow within the flames, neither arsonist nor mentor should be what they appear.

And those who seek the Moon can be staring at.

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