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By Kelly B., Brown W., Potterton E.

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Command words are things like ‘critically assess’, ‘compare and contrast’ and ‘discuss’. Note what the command words of the essay question are. Think about what they imply for your answer. Command words direct you to think and write about the subject matter of the question in a particular way. They also give you a strong steer in terms of how you will structure your answer (see below). The Course Essay also demands that you draw on concepts and theories from the course as whole. Give some thought as to which of these are particularly relevant to your answer.

You will have been through a number of activities designed to show you how to access such material in Web Activities 1 to 5 and Web Activity 6, below, builds on the others. The main sources these make available to you are the Internet and the online library resources, especially the online academic journals. There may of course be other sources – other books you have read, newspaper cuttings and the like which you can also use. To access online sources you will need to pull together the web searching skills you have gained in the course (Web Activities 1, 2, 4 and 5) and the skills in accessing the online journals (Web Activity 3).

Made contact with my tutor by the agreed date and supplied him or her with the necessary materials? Checked the presentation of the essay? Word processed/typed it? Put my name and PI number on each page? Provided full and proper citations and references? Checked and stated the word length? Provided the required number of copies and kept one for myself? Attached form ET3? Kept a file of all the non-course materials I have used as sources for the essay? Sent the essay to the correct person on time?

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