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By Patricia Aspinall

Combines systematic education in examination strategies and thorough improvement of complex point language abilities.

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Ronnie began сlasses, he 14. (know) 4 . ( s i n с е/ f o r ) gтaduate-level сlassеs at the university. 324 people a month. And his future? Young Ronnie for vears. He hе 2 . ( s i n с e/ f o ф l 5 . ( s i n с е/ f o r ) 12. (mееt) an average of 13. 2 kids. Present Per{eсt: Sliэсe and For АsКa АNIWERo Сomplеtе the intеrview obout Мortino Hingis. Usе thе words in porenthesesto writе questions,Then onswеr thе questionswith informаtion from ЕxerciseI. 1. ) Q: A: How |ong haэ эhe p|aуedt,ennig? Эincе эhе waэ two.

L. When оur friends arrived. we ate lunсh. т our friеnds arrived before lunсh. 2, While wе were talking on the phone, I was driving to sсhool. We finished the сonversation. Then I drove to sсhool. 3. Lori heard about the aссident while she was driving to work. Lori knеw about the aссident by the time she got to work. 4. When they exited the frеeway, it started to rain. It was raining while thеy Were on the freeway. 5. When Zoe got to sсhool, her сlass was taking a tеst. Zoe was late to сlass. ОA police officеr is interviewing two witnеssesof а troffic occident.

Find ond correсteight mistokеsin thе use of the post progressive,Thе first mistokе is olrеodу сorrectеd. /frst ехperieпсeoп а sпolуboаrd, so tllе piсtиres и,еrеprеttу embаrrаssiпg, |n oпe shot, I шаs саmе с{oн,nt/tеs/opеo'1t'Ig bасk, Iп апoth,eroпe, -у |loа,'/ *е', fа/liиg oиt ofthе ski /ф шhi/е | luаs ridiпg иp thе s/ope,Fritz шаs tаkiпq thаt piсtиrе from thе /ift eпtrапсе. Good thiпg hе not stапdiпg rjht ипdеr mе! Igиess I шаsп,t саrr! irпd, Kаrуп, /еаrпеl thаt шеekепl, She шаs doiпgjиmps b3 thе secoпсtdау.

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