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By Catherine DeVries, Jim Madsen

The latest variation to the top-selling event sequence, this storybook Bible for children a while 4-7 will begin them on a trip of gaining knowledge of in regards to the Bible and turning out to be with God as they develop up with the journey Bible, at all ages and degree, starting with the Bible Storybook and carrying on with on via age 12 with the NIV version. At each twist and switch, the journey Bible Storybook is full of ---what else ---ADVENTURE! mom and dad and family will be guaranteed that kids who learn it is going to research the most tales and subject matters from the Bible, yet all inside a enjoyable, intriguing subject of getting to know, mind's eye, and suspense ---everything you would count on from a stupendous event. This storybook comprises a few lesser identified tales which are relatively adventurous, reminiscent of Paul's shipwreck at the island of Malta, and while the Israelites went to secret agent at the humans of Canaan.The experience Bible Storybook was once the 2009 shops selection Award winner within the kid's Nonfiction type.

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