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By Preston, Andrew; Lawrence, Mark Atwood; Engel, Jeffrey A

How may still the United States wield its huge, immense strength past its borders? may still it adhere to grand rules or act on slender self-interest? should still it associate with different international locations or steer clear of entangling alliances? americans were grappling with questions like those in the course of the nation's historical past, and particularly because the emergence of the USA as an immense global strength within the past due 19th century. America within the World illuminates this background by way of shooting the varied voices and viewpoints of a few of the main colourful and eloquent those that participated in those momentous debates.

Spanning the period from the Gilded Age to the Obama years, this exact reader collects greater than 2 hundred documents--everything from presidential addresses and diplomatic cables to political cartoons and music lyrics. It encompasses quite a few levels of yank diplomatic historical past which are normally handled individually, equivalent to the 1st international battle, the chilly conflict, and Sept. 11. The publication offers the views of elite policymakers--presidents, secretaries of country, generals, and diplomats--alongside these of alternative varieties of american citizens, akin to newspaper columnists, priests, songwriters, poets, and novelists. It additionally beneficial properties various records from different international locations, illustrating how foreigners considered America's function within the world.

Ideal for lecture room use, America within the World sheds mild at the complicated interaction of political, monetary, ideological, and cultural elements underlying the workout of yank strength at the worldwide stage.

  • Includes greater than 2 hundred files from the past due 19th century to today
  • Looks at every little thing from presidential addresses to political cartoons and tune lyrics
  • Presents diversified views, from elite policymakers to priests and novelists
  • Features records from outdoors the us, illustrating how humans in different nations seen America's position within the world

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2. United States—Foreign relations—21st century—Sources. 3. United States—History, Military—20th century—Sources. 4. United States—History, Military—21st century—Sources. 5. United States—Foreign public opinion—History—Sources. I. Engel, Jeffrey A. II. Lawrence, Mark Atwood. III. Preston, Andrew. 73009’04—dc23 2013035031 British Library Cataloging-in-Publication Data is available This book has been composed in Sabon Next LT Pro and Helvetica Neue LT Std Printed on acid-free paper. Printed in the United States of America 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Contents Acknowledgments vii Introduction: The Long American Century 1 1 Motives of Expansion 7 2 Imperial America: War with Spain and the Philippines 32 3 Varieties of Empire 56 4 The Rise and Fall of Wilsonianism 79 5 Isolation and Intervention 107 6 World War II 131 7 The Beginning of the Cold War 157 8 The Korean War and the Cold War of the 1950s 182 9 The Nationalist Challenge 206 10 Years of Crisis 231 11 The Vietnam War 255 12 The Era of Détente 281 13 Escalating and Ending the Cold War 305 14 Globalization after the Cold War 331 15 The Age of Terror 354 Sources 379 Index 395 Acknowledgments One of the pleasures of international history is the limitless opportunity for collaboration.

S. Census Bureau declared that the settlement of the trans-Mississippi West had put an end to the Western frontier. Frederick Jackson Turner, an eminent historian at the University of Wisconsin, picked up on the theme in a paper entitled “The Significance of the Frontier in American History,” which he delivered as a speech at the 1893 meeting of the American Historical Association in Chicago and then published as an essay that has been reprinted innumerable times ever since. Turner worried that the “closing of the frontier” would destroy the ethic of individualism that was the nation’s defining characteristic.

The cause is obvious to every unprejudiced observer…. I do not say that in the tropics there are not some persons who perform comparatively hard and steady work. But it is a well-known fact that the great mass of the people in those regions, in a state of freedom, labor just enough to satisfy their immediate wants; and these are very limited in a climate of perpetual summer, where most of the time food is easily obtainable, and where extremely little is needed in point of clothing and shelter. As in addition to this the high temperature discourages every strenuous and steady exertion, it is but natural that wherever in such climate labor is left to itself it should run into shiftlessness, and that efforts to stimulate or organize labor for production on a large scale should have a tendency to develop into some sort of coercion.

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