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By Vincent Tompkins

Meant as a reference resource for American social heritage, this quantity discusses the folks, occasions and concepts of the interval 1900-1909. After an introductory evaluation and chronology, topic chapters stick to with subject-specific timelines and alphabetically prepared entries.

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In music Scott Joplin was "The King of Rag Time" and Ma Rainey sang the blues. But the nation as a whole — which made the now-forgotten romance To Have and To Hold a best-seller while Theodore Dreiser's Sister Carrie was virtually banned by his own publisher and sang "Boola Boola" while composer Charles Ives labored in obscurity — was overlooking its most creative contributors. Some Americans, such as Gertrude Stein, sought the more liberal climate of Europe in the early 33 1900s, anticipating the rush of expatriatism in the 1 20s.

Professor George Pierce Baker offers the first playwriting and theater classes at Radcliffe College. Jan. The first issue of Alfred Stieglitz's photography journal, Camera Work, appears. 21 Jan. The musical version of The Wizard of Oz debuts on Broadway; it runs for 293 performances. 1 Feb. Eugene Heitler Lehman, son of a Colorado tobacco wholesaler, is the first American recipient of a Rhodes Scholarship. 6 May Emma Lazarus's poem "The New Colossus" (1883) is affixed to the Statue of Liberty.

W. Griffith, produced by Edison; As You Like It, adapted from William Shakespeare, produced by Kalem; The Cattle Rustlers and The Count of Monte Cristo, filmed by Francis Boggs for Selig; A Christmas Carol, adapted from Charles Dickens, produced by Essanay; The Cowboy Escapade, produced by David Horsely's Centaur Film Manufacturing Company; The Devil and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, produced by Edison; Fireside Reminiscences, directed by Edwin S. Porter for Edison; The Girl and the Outlaw, The Greasers Gauntlet, The Fight for Freedom, and The Red Girl, directed by D.

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