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Baghrash-köl Chalïsh R (Qarashahr) H Bishbalïq P a) ry At re N I Ba U Am S A Kerminiya Bukhara A 992 ab V Samarqand Riv e r of Soghd Surkh u- Paykend A R A Da Amul N N A H R Kesh Rasht Nakhsheb anj DS Mu r g hab (Nesef) JI S r t ng A Chaghaniyan T Hulbuk I D Ba Zemm Akhsisek D Merv a Alichur U (Kerkuh) W nd Termez MQubadiyan V Gu S A N Kelif A K o k cha Badakhshan Balkh D ya Khulm khan-Da r Shapurgan Serakhs U W Taleqan M S L su G H U Z n( Z I Y A R I D S A Kasan Binket SHA S H Nuket A Akhsiket N Nur A Tunket Uzgend Benaket H Marghinan Osh G 999 R Quba Kushaniya F E Bunjiket Khojend S Ï M B A S es Tek Aq Jey h u n Gor g a Gorgan Astarabad Nesa Q Barskhan H I Dihistan Rayy S L.

In the east, he successfully fought the Tang, captured Suyab in 719, and besieged Kucha twice, in 726 and 727 (the second time, together with the Tibetans); in the 730s the Türgesh also raided or besieged other cities in the Tarim basin and Turfan (first Kashghar and Qocho, then Beiting and Aqsu). But of special importance for the Türgesh Qaghanate was its involvement in the affairs of Mavarannahr, which was being conquered by the Arabs in the first quarter of the 8th century. In the early 8th century the Arabs, after half a century of plundering raids across the Amu-Darya and into Tokharistan, began the systematic conquests of these regions.

Of S O R Soghd t( hro We 6 52 81 680-6 Dihistan KS TU R Kharashket Vardana R 1 Akhsiket Ü -6 8 CH AC H Varakhsha Oghurcha I. T A Aq su Kasan Chach 68 0 671 704 Uz b o y an Gorg Hazarasp T M U M a Suyab H Kath TA Z Shelji 88 5– 68 Isfijab IS E Talas Tarbend L E (f l sïq-kö L. Is 1 660–6 C a s p i a n Mizdahqan aysa n 67 7 R U N L A 99) 6 H rom G 9 67 I N U S H I B Nevaket ch üög ) üz O 1 –3 Gurganj at U D Tala s 30 (Y H Khivaq Cheleken I. in R D E K E R Ch u te Ya k E AST M E AT E O R N F HA IDS QAG RA L .

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