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By Howell G M Edwards; Peter Vandenabeele

Content material: creation; half I. ANALYTICAL equipment: creation; tools of Visualisation; Vibrational spectroscopy; X-Ray tools; Nuclear suggestions; equipment of separation; Mass spectrometry; Electrochemical suggestions; half II. fabrics: Ceramics and enamels; Glass; Stone; Gemstones/minerals; Obsidian; Pigments and dyes; Icons and work; Metals / corrosion; Biomaterials; Resins, bitumens, tar, coal; Ivory and bones; wooden; Textiles; modern fabrics; half III: QUESTIONS: identity; Authentication; know-how of construction; Provenancing; courting; Degradation and conservation; nutritional reconstruction; precis; Index

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Reproduced with permission from ref. 61,118 The key is to use very small spectral bands, as broadband imagery loses spectral selectivity and spectrally unique features—such as very faint traces of ink that only reflect in a small waveband—might get lost due to mixing with neighbouring wavelengths. 40 In the past two decades, many studies have been conducted to determine the amount of (theoretical and real) filters needed for accurate colour imaging. , Parkkinen et al. claim that eight is essential while Hardeberg139 calculated eighteen basic spectral channels.

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