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The times of Flash as an inventive luxurious are long past. After months of downsizing, Flash creativity has been on a massive clarification software. it's now not adequate to give animation in hundreds of thousands of colours and 100 transparencies. it truly is not adequate to supply interactivity and dynamism for his or her personal sake.

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The search package provides a set of standard search terms that implement specific match criteria on Message objects. For example, SubjectTerm pattern-matches the given String with the subject header of the given message. public final class SubjectTerm extends StringTerm { public SubjectTerm(String pattern); public boolean match(Message m); } JavaMail™ API Design Specification December 2005 39 40 Chapter 6: Message Storage And Retrieval The Search Process The search package also provides a set of standard logical operator terms that can be used to compose complex search terms.

Write(c); } } December 2005 JavaMail™ API Design Specification Chapter 7: The JavaBeans Activation Framework Operating on the Content Operating on the Content The DataHandler allows clients to discover the operations available on the content of a Message, and to instantiate the appropriate JavaBeans to perform those operations. The most common operations on Message content are view, edit and print. Example: Viewing a Message Consider a Message “Viewer” Bean that presents a user interface that displays a mail message.

The FetchProfile method allows a client to list the items it will fetch in a batch for a certain message range. The following code illustrates the use of FetchProfile when fetching Messages from a Folder. The client fills its header-list window with the Subject, From, and X-mailer headers for all messages in the folder. getHeader("X-mailer")); } Folder Events Folders generate events to notify listeners of any change in either the folder or in its Messages list. The client can register listeners to a closed Folder, but generates a notification event only after that folder is opened.

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