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Org by HINARI on 09/01/07. For personal use only. (39). Depending on the amino acid sequence, the CRD bears specificity for either mannose, galactose, or fucose structures. However, binding of these carbohydrate structures to the different CLRs is also dependent on carbohydrate branching, spacing, and multivalency. The involvement of specific C-type lectins in ligand binding is often demonstrated by the ability of specific carbohydrate components, such as mannan, or a calcium chelator to block the interaction.

J. Exp. Med. 153:310–23 Roederer M, Dubs JG, Anderson MT, Raju PA, Herzenberg LA. 1995. CD8 naive T cell counts decrease progressively in HIVinfected adults. J. Clin. Invest. 95:2061– 66 Watanabe N, De Rosa SC, Cmelak A, Hoppe R, Herzenberg LA, Roederer M. 1997. Long-term depletion of naive T cells in patients treated for Hodgkin’s disease. Blood 90:3662–72 Sahaf B, Heydari K, Herzenberg LA. 2003. Lymphocyte surface thiol levels. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 100:4001–5 Perez OD, Nolan GP, Magda D, Miller RA, Herzenberg LA, Herzenberg LA.

Sgm LaTeX2e(2002/01/18) P1: IKH GEIJTENBEEK ET AL. Annu. Rev. Immunol. 22:33-54. org by HINARI on 09/01/07. For personal use only. DENDRITIC CELLS Dendritic cells (DCs) are professional antigen-presenting cells (APCs) that are seeded throughout peripheral tissues to act as sentinels that process and present antigen to mount adequate immune responses. Depending on the type of antigen, and the tissue localization, the immune response is suppressed or activated (1, 2). DCs differentiate from bone marrow stem cells and migrate as precursor DCs into the blood.

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